A picture from the Wright Family of Daunte and his son.

Compliance to enslavement.

Compliance to Jim Crowe.

Compliance to voting bills with rights to be curtailed.

Compliance to legal disparity.

In drugs.

In crime.

Compliance to moral disparity.

Between when the jersey is on or off.

Between when the mic is put down or raised.

Between dances or marches.

Compliance to increments.

Compliance to a gamble.

To rolling the dice for 9,1,1.

For routine stops by your friendly uniformed cops.

To a game of Russian roulette.

Blanks or a bullet, not knowing which is next.

Because “he should have complied”

Really means “and if he doesn’t, anything is justified.”



Evan J. Mastronardi

Evan J. Mastronardi

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